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B&B Sheet Metal Sheet metal can be manipulated in many forms. When you need a safe barrier in your yard, turn to sheet metal fabrication. When you have been a victim of rust, replace the piece with newly fabricated sheet metal.

Sheet metal fabrication is about trust. You’re trusting that the sheet metal fabrication will be the right fit, will do the right job and will keep you safe. B&B Sheet Metal has been in the sheet metal fabrication business since 1929. You can trust us to bend, mold and manipulate metal to be the right partner for your needs.

Metal fabrication is a process performed by man and machine. Over the decades of service, we have grown with the technology to meet sheet metal fabrication needs in Oklahoma. The finished product springs from an engineered design or idea. Sheet metal can be manipulated to create:

  • Structural frames
  • Loose parts
  • Railings
  • Walls
  • Doors

If you can think up the design for sheet metal, B&B Sheet Metal can manipulate the final product. For all of you sheet metal fabrication needs contact us at 405-236-8829 or via email at cokenutt2@cox.net. B&B Sheet Metal is located at 1221 North Portland, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

Call us today at 405-236-8829405-236-8829 to get started, or provide us some information, and we'll contact you: